Cold Forging

Headers / Forging machines
Basic features
Capability 300t for Headers,300t for Forgings
Max.Cut off Dia. φ32mm for Headers,φ27mm for Forgings
Max.K.O. Length 70mm for Headers,120mm for Forgings
Layers 1 die 2 blow for Headers,5 die for Forgings
Basic accuracy
Outer dia.  0.02mm
Length 0.1mm
nner dia. 0.02mm
Coaxial tolerance 0.1mm
The number of possession Header 5 sets   Former 41 sets

Cold forging
Basic features 
Capability 100t~630t
Max. dia.  φ75mm
Max. length 60mm
Layers 1-3
Basic accuracy
Outer dia 0.05mm
Inner dia 0.05mm
Length 0.1mm
Coaxial tolerance 0.1mm
The number of possession 46 sets

Multi-slide machine(FVC)
Basic features 
Capabilit Max.15t
High-speed production We have actualized high productivity such as
200 strokes per minute by tying up with
equipment markers,using our advanced
technologies,and developing our exclusive machines.
Productionvolume We manufacture 25 million lock valve spring
retainers in a month.
We boast one of the highest production outputs in Japan.
The number of possession 19 sets

Cutting& Machining

Multi-spindle automatic lathes
Basic features
Max φ26mm
Features  High-volume processing within 10 seconds of cycle time
The number of possession 19 sets

NC automatic lathes(Bar type/Chukka type)
Basic features 
Max φ32mm
Features Highly functional and efficient for various machining processes
Highly-accurate secondary processing with special chucks
The number of possession 92 sets

Polishing Process

Centerless grinders
Basic features
Max φ80mm
Max 100mm
Basic accuracy
Roundness 0.002mm
Cylindricity 0.002mm
Surface roughness  0.2Ra
High-speed production Top-level speed of through-feed grinding,8m per minute.
Longer dress intervals by our uniquely blended grinding wheels.
The number of possession Through-feed 27 sets
In feeding 34 sets

Double-ended grinders
Basic features
Max φ150mm
Thickness 1mm or mor
Basic accuracy
Parallelism 0.01mm 
Flatness 0.01mm
High-speed production Top-level speed processing,5m per minute
The number of possession 16 sets

Barrel grinders
Basic features
Kind Vortex,Oscillation,Rotary,Centrifugal
Basic accuracy
Surface roughness 0.05Ra
Features We can optimally meet your requirements in any shape and accuracy.
The number of possession 16 sets